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Monday, June 5, 2017


According to leading African American community activists, they are hearing from sources inside City Hall that Democratic City Council member Jewel CANNADA-WYNN is expected to endorse Pensacola mayor Ashton HAYWARD, perhaps as soon as this week.  These reports cannot be confirmed.  Cannada-Wynn stopped answering my phone calls back in May.

But, these unconfirmed reports do make sense in the context of everything Cannada-Wynn has done to close Morris Court Park and deceive her constitutents throughout her successful re-election campaign in 2016.

Previous public disclosures and CJ's Street Report articles have proven that Cannada-Wynn had at least one meeting with Dr. SINGH, head of the Area Housing Commission (AHC), prior to September 16, 2016 to discuss returning Morris Court Park to the AHC.

Both Cannada-Wynn and Dr. Singh have failed to comply with public records requests (PRR) to specify when that prior meeting(s) occurred.

In response to my PRR W001587-051217 asking for "the specific date of this meeting prior to September 16, 2016.... includ[ing] letters, emails, memoranda, and calendar or diary entries of the meeting" all I received was information already in the public domain that shed no light on any prior meeting(s) between Cannada-Wynn and Dr. Singh.

I also submitted PRR W001858-051217 coming at the problem a different way.  In this request, I asked for "all documentation generated by or received by the Area Housing Commission regarding Morris Court Park from 1 January 2016 to 12 May 2017."

The information I received was the same given for W001587-051217.

In other words, neither Cannada-Wynn nor Dr. Singh want to disclose when they met prior to September 16, 2016.  Now, the language "prior meeting" does not necessarily exclude that there was more than one meeting.  The "prior meeting" could mean the last meeting in a series of meetings.

I also submitted PRR W001859-051217 to determine who ordered Morris Court Park closed and when did they issue that order.  Specifically, I requested "documentation generated by or received by the Office of the Mayor (and subordinates) regarding Morris Court Park between January 1, 2016 and May 12, 2017.  And, to request all documentation received by or generated by the Parks and Recreation Department regarding Morris Court Park specifically focused on the closure of the park. This would include any instructions, directives, and guidance to close the park."

And I received, wait for it, nothing.  So, Morris Court Park is ordered closed and there is not one piece of paper, not a post-it note, in the Mayor's office or in the Department of Parks and Recreation ordering the park closed.

Apparently, everyone in Pensacola's city government operates by telepathy, or, they communicate via means not susceptible to discovery via Public Records Requests.

Then, CJ's Street Report discovered through a search of Florida's online public records that neither the man, James A. Wolfe, nor the company, Wolfe Construction located on Nine Mile Road, were certified as contractors.  On February 20, 2013, James A. Wolfe, or whoever he is, filed a fictitious name document with Florida's Secretary of State.  Two days later, he acquired a tax account for Escambia County.  And, by March 23, 2013 the City of Pensacola issued a Purchase Order to Wolfe Construction for $90,510 to improve three city parks.

I then submitted PRR W001865-051717 asking for "Records of all City inspections and approvals of work done by Wolfe Construction on Morris Court Park in 2013."

The response from the city was that "there are no responsive records or documents to your request for public records."

So, a man named "James A. Wolfe," who may or may not actually exist, creates a fictitious company called "Wolfe Construction" located on Nine Mile Road, gets a contract in excess of $90,000 in just over a month after declaring this company exists, improves three parks, and the City of Pensacola has no records of design approvals, permits, or inspections.

What does that suggest?

It suggests one of two possibilities.  One, "James A. Wolfe" was someone closely connected to a city official or city employee who manipulated and exploited the city for profit.  Two, "James A. Wolfe" was a city employee or city official who could manipulate and exploit the city for profit.

Of course, Wolfe Construction of Nine Mile Road did, in fact, make improvements to Morris Court Park, and presumably Armstrong Park and Estramadura Park.  If the company had not done those improvements, surely an investigation would have been warranted.  But, since the improvements were done, no one bothered to look at or for the documentation.

Is the closure of the park and deeding the park back to the Area Housing Commission related?  I do not know.  That may be doubtful.

But, the history of the City of Pensacola's machinations and backroom deals related to Morris Court Park suggest that one cannot rule it out.

What is clear is that the City of Pensacola--the Mayor's Office, Cannada-Wynn, and Dr. Singh of the Area Housing Commission--want to provide the public as little information as possible about Morris Court Park.

The mayor also wants to give Cannada-Wynn all the credit for saving the park and having it refurbished.  That is an outright lie.

Public pressure from community activists and County Commissioner Lumon MAY forced the mayor and Cannada-Wynn to back out of the agreement with the Area Housing Commission.  Throughout 2016 and into 2017 Cannada-Wynn has been double-dealing and selling-out her constituents.

So, it is entirely plausible that Cannada-Wynn will endorse the mayor's re-election bid this week or some time in the future.  She has tied her fortunes to the mayor's.  She has proven that her loyalty to the mayor takes precedence over her duty to her constituents.

And, rumor also has it that the mayor and Cannada-Wynn are planning to close Kiwanis Park located on W Romana Street.

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