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Friday, March 17, 2017


On March 16, 2017, the Race and Reconciliation civic group rooted at the University of West Florida's Department of Social Work held a panel discussion on "Feminism, Womanism, in Black and White."  Panelists included Haley MORRISSETTE, Samantha JACKSON, Sara GREEN, Nicole BOWMAN, and Mary COLLINS.  Professor Emirita Julie PATTEN was the moderator.

The panel discussion illuminated just some of the overt and underlying issues in identity politics.  The question and answer session was, on the whole, devoid of anyone actually asking a question, though there were interesting statements and moments.

As you well know, the organizers of the DC March were women of color and white women and represented very considerable individual and collective talents.  And, the DC March included an impressive array of speakers covering many issues of wide concern.  It brought together many social movements that have been fighting for equality and justice; drew in many women who had not previously participated in a movement or politics; and, now is an umbrella of a resistance to a dystopian, anti-democratic Republican agenda spearheaded by Donald Trump.

The panel did illuminate some very real political and philosophical issues that needed to be discussed and be further discussed.  Ninety minutes is way too short.  Certainly, Haley Morrissette's opening presentation on Feminism and Womanism was a powerful analysis, in addition to expanding the historical dimension and setting the stage for the evening.

One can only look forward to future Race and Reconciliation meetings which occur every third Thursday of the month at the Bowden Building at 120 Church Street in Pensacola.

On a related note, Dr. Lusharon WILEY announced that Inclusion Spotlight is hosting an interfaith gathering and discussion at the University of West Florida campus on 23 March on how to build an inclusive community in these troubled times.  Please see her announcement near the end in the last video.

Below, are the videos in the order they happened.


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