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Monday, September 26, 2016

Mirza AHMAD Ignores County Ordnances

On August 19, 2016, I wrote a blog post, "Mirza Ahmad Danger to Community."  That post spotlighted the documented fact that Escambia County's Code Enforcement had cited Mirza AHMAD for having an unlicensed junk yard at 2910 W Blount Street.  Among the many violations recorded, one was about attracting mosquitoes and rats.  The citation read:  "Section 42-196(a) Nuisance Conditions" poses a threat to the health and well being of residents of District 3--and his potential voters.  This county ordnance refers to the "creation or maintenance of any condition conducive to the breeding of rats, vermin, flies, mosquitos, or other anthropods that are capable of transmitting diseases directly or indirectly to humans.  Sec 42-197(a)  For conditions conducive to the breeding of rats, vermin, flies, mosquitos, or other anthropods: "Complete removal of all contributing conditions" [emphasis added].

Well, the saga continues and Mirza AHMAD, who is running against incumbent county commissioner Lumon MAY, continues to thumb his nose at the county's Code Enforcement and Planning and Zoning departments.

He is now engaged in stalling tactics.

To remedy the unsightly, not permitted junk yard, the county wanted all vehicles removed within ten days.  But, AHMAD could appeal and apply for a Development Plan Review.  This process requires a person to submit plans to the county's Planning and Zoning.  This department decides if the property's use complies with the county's land use zoning requirements.

Here is the timeline based on county records of AHMAD simply scheduling and missing meetings and trying to delay the process.  In the meantime, his unpermitted junk yard continues to pose a danger to the community because it attracts mosquitoes and rats.


26 JUL:   Notice of Violation issued for vehicles on property.

08 AUG:  AHMAD submits plan drawings one day LATE.  County rejects drawings.

22 AUG:  Pre-application for site review had been submitted on 17 AUG.  Meeting is schedule for two weeks.

31 AUG:  AHMAD misses pre-planning meeting with Development Plan Review.

08 SEP:  Development Plan Review meeting scheduled for 14 SEP.

14 SEP:  AHMAD misses Development Plan Review meeting.

Mirza AHMAD has missed two scheduled Development Plan review meetings.  The county is attempting to work with AHMAD and inform of the requirements needed to satisfy the county's Development Plan review.  County staff has accommodated all of his requests.  Still, he just blows them off.

Why is anyone taking AHMAD's political campaign for county commissioner seriously?

And yet some fairly prominent Black politicians are inexplicably tying their personal reputations to a businessman and political candidate who is unfit for office.  Mirza AHMAD cannot be bothered with complying with county ordnances--especially where he is cited for posing a danger to the community.

Hyperbole?  On 27 July 2016, on the very day that Code Enforcement cited Mirza AHMAD for violating a county ordnance about attracting mosquitoes and rats, the Pensacola News Journal reported that Escambia County had its second confirmed ZIKA case, citing the Florida Department of Health.

So, we have a businessman running for county commissioner who is operating an illegal junk yard that attracts mosquitoes that could carry the ZIKA virus and he is blithely endangering the community by missing Development Plan review meetings.

Why does not the Department of Health step in and tell him to remove his illegal junk vehicles immediately?  Why does this danger to the allowed to community persist?

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