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Friday, August 19, 2016


On July 26, 2016, the Escambia County Office of Environmental Enforcement sent a "Notice of Violation" for case number CE160702662.  The five violations were for Mirza Ahmad's illegal junk yard located at 2910 W Blount Street, Pensacola.  Ahmad was told, in bold red letters on the Notice, "Comply within 10 days of receipt of this notice."  He was also provided a "Warning" which read:  "Failure to correct this violation and notify this Officer of Compliance will result in fines or a hearing.  If the Hearing is scheduled you may be assessed $1,100 or more for costs of said hearing, plus possible fines; the County may abate the violations and place a Lien on the property."

This video essay documents that on August 8th, 13 days after Ahmad was told to comply or face fines and hearing, the illegal junk yard still existed.  On August 19th, 24 days after being notified by the Office of Environmental Enforcement, Ahmad still had not taken any steps to comply with the County.  In my commentary, I said the video was taken on August 18th.  That is a mistake.  The video was taken on August 19th.

Of the five ordnance violations, "Section 42-196(a) Nuisance Conditions" poses a threat to the health and well being of residents of District 3--and his potential voters.  This county ordnance refers to the "creation or maintenance of any condition conducive to the breeding of rats, vermin, flies, mosquitos, or other anthropods that are capable of transmitting diseases directly or indirectly to humans.  Sec 42-197(a)  For conditions conducive to the breeding of rats, vermin, flies, mosquitos, or other anthropods: Complete removal of all contributing conditions" [emphasis added].

Officer Kenney wrote in the section on "Officer Comments" in plain language what was expected of Mirza Ahmad:  "Remove all vehicles from the property until such time as the property has been through development review for use as a retail auto sales/repair.  Outdoor storage is not permitted in the zoning for this parcel.  Cease and desist occupation of the RV in the back corner of the lot.  Contact Planning and Zoning to initiate the process for development review."  Note:  the electronic copy of this "Notice of Violation" will be posted when it is received from Code Enforcement.  SEE LINK ABOVE.

Not only should Ahmad be forced to attend a hearing and be fined, but his actions deem him unsuitable and unqualified to hold the office of county commissioner.  If he had any integrity, he would withdraw from the race.  Ahmad, your days in the clown car grow longer by the minute.

AUGUST 8, 2016

AUGUST 19, 2016, VIEW A

 AUGUST 19, 2016, VIEW B

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