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Sunday, July 31, 2016


On July 31, Ellison Bennett of the National Movement for Civil and Human Rights, headed by Pensacola civil rights icon Reverend H.K. Matthews, hosted a candidate forum for all eight Emerald Coast Utilities Authority candidates appearing on the August 30, 2016 ballot.  The only two candidates appearing were Cloristti Johnson-Mitchell who is running against the incumbent for District 3 and Dr. Larry Walker, who is running for re-election for District 5.  All the candidates received invitation letters from Ellison Bennett.

Other representatives attending included Mr. Jerry McIntyre, Movement for Change; Reverend Rodney Jones, second vice president of the local NAACP; and Ms. Melanie Nichols, president of the North Hill Preservation Association.  Also attending were Ms. Deb Moore, running for Escambia County Tax Collector, and, Ms. Anny Shepard, a dynamic, kinetic community activist running for City Council District 7 who promises to bring new ideas, energy, and passion to the council.

The following videos are posted in order.  In the first video, Ellison Bennett gives an overview of the forum.  Then Clorissti Johnson-Mitchell spoke.  Then Dr. Larry Walker spoke.  And then the floor was open for more general questions to both candidates.

Readers are encouraged to watch all the videos because the two candidates were asked questions that related to the county as a whole, not just issues specific to a particular district.  The questions were wide-ranging.

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