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Friday, June 24, 2016


UPDATE (29 JUNE 2016):  According to the Supervisor of Elections office for Escambia County, on May 20, 2016, Elvin McCorvey changed his voter registration address from 1708 E Scott Street, which is in District 4 (see below), to 201 W Scott Street, which is in District 3.  So, he was elected to represent District 3, somehow registered to vote or found himself registered to vote in District 4, realized his error, and changed his voter registration one month before the closing qualifying deadline.  Is this not unusual?  Does this not call into question his eligibility to represent District 3?  How about all the votes he took on the ECUA Board while living in District 4?  Are those votes legal?  End Update.

UPDATE (29 JUNE 2016, 1451H):  Here is the official response from the Supervisor of Elections for Escambia County:

"According to our records:
Prior to May 29, 2013, Mr. McCorvey was registered to vote at 1770 E Baars Street, Pensacola.
On May 29, 2013, he updated his registration to 1708 E. Scott Street, Pensacola.
On May 20, 2016, he updated his registration to 201 West Scott Street, Pensacola."

In other words, he was registered to vote in District 3 before May 29, 2013.  Then, on May 29, 2013--after he had won re-election to ECUA Board District 3--he registered to vote in District 4, since 1708 E Scott Street is in District 4 (see below).  Then, while still registered to vote in District 4, he filed paperwork with the SOE appointing himself and his ex-wife as deputy treasurer and treasurer, respectively.  While still registered to vote in District 4, he filed candidacy papers with the SOE (see below) to run for re-election in District 3.  And none of this unusual in Escambia County politics. End Update.


According to Florida Statute, Title IX, Chapter 101, Section 101.045(1), "A person is not permitted to vote in any election precinct or district other than the one in which the person has his or her legal residence and in which the person is registered."

According to Chapter 104, Section 104.011(1) on "Election Code Violations, Penalties," "A person who willfully swears or affirms falsely to any oath or affirmation, or willfully procures another person to swear or affirm falsely to an oath or affirmation, in connection with or arising out of voting or elections commits a felony of the third degree."

Elvin McCorvey is attempting to be elected to his sixth term as District 3 representative for the Emerald Coast Utilities Authority Board.

According to candidate information through the website, his "contact information" is listed as "201 W Scott Street" in Pensacola.

When McCorvey appointed his ex-wife, Joyce McCorvey as his Campaign Treasurer, he listed his address as "201 W Scott Street."  When McCorvey appointed himself as Deputy Treasurer, he listed his address as "201 W Scott Street."  And, when McCorvey filed his first Campaign Treasurer's Report Summary, he listed his address as "201 W Scott Street."

The registered voters at "201 W Scott Street" in Pensacola are Willie F. McCorvey and Margie P. McCorvey.  It is not known what relationship they are to Elvin McCorvey.  They are also registered as taxpayers at that address.  There is no Elvin McCorvey associated with this address in terms of voter registration or property taxes.  This is simply his mail drop for his campaign.

So where exactly is Elvin McCorvey registered to vote?

McCorvey is actually registered to vote in Escambia County at 1708 E Scott Street in Pensacola.  He shares that address with a woman named Modeste M. McCorvey.

According to the voter registration data, that address, 1708 E Scott Street, is actually in County District 4 and School District 4.  In fact, if you query "1708 E Scott Street" on to find your precinct, that is Precinct 41.  According to an official map, Precinct 41 is in District 4.  And, in the Democratic National Committee Vote Builder for Florida, McCorvey resides at 1708 E Scott Street with a Modeste McCorvey.  They both vote at the Bayview Senior Resource Center and they reside in Commission District 4 and School District 4.

In short, while McCorvey is running for ECUA District 3, he resides in and is registered to vote in District 4.  This would make him ineligible to vote in District 3 and to run for office in District 3.

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