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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sheriff Morgan TigerBay Club: Truth in Advertising

The Panhandle TigerBay Club will host a luncheon on Friday, June 19, 2015, featuring "Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan, Pensacola City Chief of Police Chip Simmon, and Reverend LuTimothy May," according to a Rick's Blog posting of the TigerBay Club press release.

According to the TigerBay press release, the purpose of the luncheon is to afford the three speakers an opportunity to "examine the issue of law enforcement and race relations in the context of recent events in Ferguson and Baltimore, as well as consider how the issue of race and law enforcement relations impact our area."

The TigerBay Club's press release gives the impression or could give the impression that at least two of the speakers, Sheriff David Morgan and Reverend May, are independent of each other.

But, that is not the case.  Sheriff Morgan and Reverend May have a financial relationship due to donations sought from Sheriff Morgan's Law Enforcement Trust Fund by Reverend May's Dixon School of the Arts, Inc., formerly known as the Escambia Charter School of Excellence, Inc.

However, in the public interest, this financial relationship between at least two of the speakers, Sheriff David Morgan and Reverend May, needs to be disclosed.

In January 2012, the Dixon School of the Arts received $1,000, reference number 10082223, according to Law Enforcement Trust Fund records obtained via a Public Records request.

In 2013, the Dixon School of the Arts received $1000 (Voucher 5150, January) and $10,000 (Voucher 7611, September).  Reverend May's Friendship Missionary Baptist Church probably also received a $2000 donation from the LETF in August 2013 (Voucher 7307).

In 2014, the Dixon School of the Arts received $750 (Voucher 11991, August).

And, in 2015, the Dixon School of the Arts received $1000 (Voucher 14089, January).

The amounts contributed by the Escambia County Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement Trust Funds relative to all contributions received by the Dixon School of the Arts, according to Form 990 filings with the federal Internal Revenue Service, are miniscule.  Contributions are separate from FTE funds received per student attending school.

For tax year (July to June) 2010-2011, Dixon received $268,769 in contributions; for tax year 2011-2012, Dixon received $116,319; for tax year 2012-2013, Dixon received $30,402; and, for tax year 2013-2014, Dixon received $509,343 in contributions.

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