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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New York Times//Retro Report: The Myth of the Super Predator

The disingenuous and pedantic Escambia County Sheriff Thelbert 'David' Morgan stands by his thesis that there is something called a "Super Predator," according to evening newscasts in Pensacola.

As I thoroughly discussed in a previous Street Report article, the concept has no scientific basis; no evidence to support it; an urban legend; and, is essentially racist speculation.

The New York Times//Retro Report examines the history of the concept, its pernicious effects on youths in America--increased incarceration and more severe penalties for juveniles--and its debunking by criminologists using what the Sheriff claims he prefers--data.

The scientific debunking of the mid-1990s concept of the "Super Predator" is so thorough that only the blindly ideological could continue to believe a myth having no basis in reality.

The Sheriff's staunch ideological stance--accompanied by his camera-ready glare for the stenographic television journalists and carefully coiffed hair--that he is correct is just empty bluster; posturing for his base who will believe any claim from a self-declared expert; a pretentious dandy, an allegedly data-driven Sheriff sounding tough because the only thing left to his claim of the validity of the "Super Predator" is the sound of his own voice.

The New York Times//Retro Report is located HERE.

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